Trine Ytrestøyl (Nofima)

Trine Ytrestøyl is originally from Trondheim where she studied biology at NTNU – The Norwegian University of Science and Technology. After completing her education in Trondheim, she moved to Sunndalsøra in 2001 to start work as a doctoral research fellow at Akvaforsk. The topic of her doctoral thesis was factors that affect pigmentation in salmon fillets.

She now works as a senior scientist in the Department of Nutrition and Feed Technology based in Sunndalsøra. In addition to pigmentation in salmon fillets, she has worked with the utilisation of feed resources in Norwegian salmon farming and with the utilisation of sludge from RAS facilities. In recent years, she has also worked on production strategies in RAS organised by CtrlAQUA. The focus has been on how conditions in RAS (photoperiod and salinity) affect the performance of salmon after they are transferred to sea.