About us

Members of the organising committee for “Smolt Production in the Future”. From left: Ingrid Lein, Anne Gulla Hagen (SUNS), Jelena Kolarevic and Åsa Espmark. Photo: Terje Aamodt/Nofima.

The Smolt Production in the Future — Recirculation in Aquaculture conference is a joint venture between Nofima and Sunndal Næringsselskap. Our first conference was held in 2008, and we are hosting it for the seventh time in 2022. For many years, Nofima has had a strong research focus on recirculation in aquaculture, health, welfare and robustness of smolt.

The event is being organised by:

Trine Ytrestøyl, Nofima

Åsa Espmark, Nofima

Ingrid Lein, Nofima

Bente Johansen, Nofima

Merethe Nyland, Nofima

Lena Hagensen, Nofima

Reidun Lilleholt Kraugerud, Nofima

Ane Wennevold, Sunndal Næringsselskap

Tove-Lise Torve, Sunndal Næringsselskap

Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the conference of a practical or technical nature.

Ane Wennevold, Sunndal Næringsselskap, will answer practical questions:
Tel: 990 33 687, or e-mail: ane@suns.no

Trine Ytrestøyl, Nofima, will answer technical questions:
Tel: 412 29 744, or e-mail:trine.ytrestoyl@nofima.no

Ingrid Lein, will answer questions about stands:
Tel: 934 19 441, or e-mail: ingrid.lein@nofima.no

Would you like to find out more about Nofima and RAS in Sunndalsøra? Watch this video (from 2020):