Green transition at the 2022 smolt conference at Sunndalsøra

The organisors hope you will come, and encourage you to be an early bird and register before 31.8. From left, Åsa Espmark and Ingrid Lein at Nofima, and Anne Gulla Hagen and Mette Sæter Ormset from Sunndal Næringsselskap. Photo: Kevin Stiller/Nofima.

Registration is well underway for this autumn’s conference “Future Smolt Production” at Sunndalsøra.

This will be the seventh conference, and the organizers are looking forward to once again welcoming to a physical conference at Sunndalsøra.

This year’s conference has the overarching theme “The green transition – significance for the aquaculture industry, and the industry’s responsibility”.

Especially for this year

Åsa Espmark, who is responsible for the scientific programme, hopes that people with interest in the theme will find the conference interesting:

“In order to bring the aquaculture industry one step further towards an even more climate-friendly and sustainable industry, it is important that people communicate across sectors. Participants at the conference will get the latest news from research on post-smolt in closed systems, and how these systems should be operated in order for them to perform optimally. We will also hear what the authorities, administrators and environmentalists have to say about the future of farming”, says Espmark.

Open for more exhibitors

The conference organizer has linked up with key sponsors from the industry in order to offer a better conference at a reasonable cost for the participants. Feed producer Skretting is a gold sponsor, recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) supplier Pure Salmon Kaldnes is a silver sponsor, while Benchmark Genetics, Pharmaq and Aquafarm Equipment are bronze sponsors.

“We also have space for more exhibitors”, says Ingrid Lein. She is coordinating the companies that will exhibit products and expertise in the tent on the square outside the Cultural Centre, where the conference will be held. “This year we have made this an even better meeting place for the suppliers and conference participants”, says Lein.

Looking forward to visitors

This year there will again be an opportunity to take a tour of the Nofima centre for water recycling in aquaculture at Sunndalsøra, the morning before the conference starts. Nofima has invested in a new “single tank RAS” infrastructure that supplements the RAS infrastructure that Nofima already has, and which several participants have visited in connection with previous conferences.

“The pandemic has shown us that some meetings can be conducted digitally, while other meetings are best when conducted physically. Conferences where the purpose is to mingle, create contacts and nurture established networks are definitely best when you attend physically, although we were very satisfied with the webinar in 2020. I’m most looking forward to meet people and see that they enjoy themselves and talk together, and of course I’m looking forward to showing off Sunndalsøra”, says Espmark.

New website

This year, the conference has a new and better website here at Anyone interested can visit this website and register for the conference, read the programme and find other useful information.