Svein Martinsen (Morefish)

Svein Martinsen, Head of development in Morefish AS:

  • Working with entrepreneurship, management, concept development landbased and training / education in the landbased industry.
  • Educated Cand Scient from NTNU in 1999.
  • I have been employed in the seafood industry since 2000;
    • Halibut farming (Tustna Kveitefarm)
    • Development of marine fishfeed – Biomar
    • Scientist landbased fishfarming – SINTEF Fiskeri og havbruk
    • Technology development closed containment fish farms – Nekton
    • Technical and biological advisory – Morefish
  • Founder and majority shareholder of Morefish AS.
  • Participated in founding and establishment of several companies; Tjeldbergodden Rensefisk (marine fish farm), Bluecirc (technology company) and Columbi Salmon (growout RAS farm for salmon).