Arne Berge (FishGLOBE)

Throughout his entire working life, Arne has worked in the aquaculture industry. His work experience includes tending net-pens, research, sales and business development consultancy. He has always been passionate about developing the industry and making use of the potential that exists. Arne Berge is the founder, developer and technical manager of FishGLOBE.  He is a qualified engineer within the field of technical environmental protection and aquaculture, as well as having a master’s degree in business administration.

In 2013, he began to test out his ideas involving closed fish farming. The driving force behind creating FishGLOBE was to steer the industry in a positive direction. The Globe tackles many of the challenges facing the salmon industry. Arne enjoys his work the most when he is able to challenge suppliers and see how technologies can be implemented in our globes. “Team building is probably the value that is most deeply rooted in my heart. Those who work together with us should feel comfortable in our presence, while at the same time feel challenged to push their limits. Miracles can only be performed when we work together!”.  When Arne is not at work, he looks after his house at Forsand, with a view of the globes from his living room window. Arne’s wife has given him a project to establish a new garden. Arne and his wife have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. One of the nicest things he likes doing is catching langoustines together with his grandchildren and his father.