Q&A with CtrlAQUA

Nofima is hosting the SFI CtrlAQUA (center for closed-containment aquaculture), and many research results from the center are presented at the smolt conference. Immediately after the end of the conference, we have the pleasure to invite to "Q&A with CtrlAQUA", where participants will be invited to ask questions related to research on closed containments directly to the CtrlAQUA researchers. We can offer new results from research on new technologies for closed and semi-closed systems, modeling of hydrodynamics, water quality, fish welfare, fish health etc. The event is organized so that participants will first be able to ask questions in plenum to key CtrlAQUA actors. Later, it will be possible to meet the researchers individually in smaller groups divided by professional activity.

CtrlAQUA SFI is an eight-year center (2015-2023), supported by the Norwegian Research Council. The center aims to develop technological and biological innovations that will make closed containments a reliable and economically viable technology. We focus on post-smolt, which is a strategically important phase in salmon's life. We also want to contribute with knowledge that will make the technologies commercial available.

CtrlAQUA is divided into different departments:

  • Department for Production and Welfare - led by Uni Research
  • Department for preventive health - led by Nofima
  • Department of Technology and Environment - managed by Nofima
In addition, we have a separate department for education and recruitment, led by the University of Bergen, and an alliance department led by Uni Research, which will merge the various activities.



Additional info


Departure from the Kulturhus


Arrival to Nofima


Light meal with CtrlAQUA


Q&A with CtrlAQUA plenary session

Moderator: Åsa Maria Espmark


Coffee break


Q&A with CtrlAQUA departments

Three separate session


Good-bye and departure

Leaders and participants for the various departments will be able to answer your questions, October 24, just after the conference. For program: see below

You can read more about CtrlAQUA at www.ctrlaqua.no.

Registration: You may register for the Q&A event while registering for the conference until the event is fully booked.


Sincerely, Åsa Maria Espmark, center leader CtrlAQUA and senior researcher Nofima

You will meet several of us in CtrlAQUA and get answers to questions related to research on closed containments, just after the conference "Smolt production in the future" 24 October. Here we are gathered for the annual meeting in Svolvær in May. Photo: Anders Finsland, Nofima

Smolt production in the future

Fifth Conference on Recirculating aquaculture at Sunndalsøra 23rd – 24th October 2018