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Smolt Production in the Future – Fifth Conference on Recirculating Aquaculture

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The Fifth Conference on Smolt Production in the Future will be held on 23rd – 24th October 2018 in Sunndalsøra, and is organised by Nofima and Sunndal Næringsselskap. The conference is focusing on new innovations in smolt and postsmolt production. In 2018 we are celebrating 10 years since the first conference on Smolt Production in the Future.

The focus of this year’s conference will be on production in closed containment systems in the future, industry experiences from post-smolt production in RAS and semi-closed containment systems in sea, new technical innovations within RAS technology, the health and welfare of post-smolts, and management and water quality in RAS.

In 2016, more than 250 participants from more than 10 countries gathered in Sunndalsøra. Many presentations will show the latest results from the Centre for Research-Based Innovation (SFI) in Closed Containment Aquaculture (CtrlAQUA), a SFI established in 2015 and hosted by Nofima.

A tour of the Nofima Centre for Recirculation in Aquaculture (NCRA) in Sunndalsøra will be arranged prior the conference on 23rd of October for interested participants. After the conference, Nofima and other partners from CtrlAQUA will arrange a “Q&A session with CtrlAQUA”. At this event, conference participants will be able to have one on one time with representatives of CtrlAQUA. The number of participants for both events will be limited.

Nofima og Sunndal Næringsselskap present two of the key-note speakers:

Frode Mathisen
Frode Mathisen will speak about «Where do we go from here? Postsmolt production in closed containment systems». 
Frode is the Director of Freshwater Production in Grieg Seafood BC. As early as in 2007, this company prepared a post-smolt strategy based on RAS technology. He is also Chairperson of the Board of CtrlAQUA.

Steven Summerfelt
Steven Summerfelt will give the talk «Technology development in RAS: Focus on tank hydraulics». Steve is the Chief Science Officer at Superior Fresh LLC. He manages the scientific research and technological designs of Superior Fresh, promoting efficiency and profitability at the company’s current and future facilities. Steve previously Directed Aquaculture Research at The Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute for 16 years.

Other conference topics include:
Session 1: Future production in closed containment systems
Session 2: Experiences from post-smolt production
Session 3: Innovations in RAS for post-smolts
Session 4: Health and welfare of post-smolts
Session 5: RAS management and water quality

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Smolt production in the future

Fifth Conference on Recirculating aquaculture at Sunndalsøra 23rd – 24th October 2018