Felttur til Lerøy Belsvik. 27. oktober

4th Conference on recirculation in aquaculture - Field excursion

The participants of the 4th Conference on recirculation of water in aquaculture will have the opportunity to see a state of the art commercial RAS facility during the field trip organized by Nofima on October 27 2016.

A visit to Lerøy Midt’s facility in Belsvik will allow participants to see one of the world’s largest smolt production plants, with an annual production of 14 million smolts. The facility in Belsvik was opened in 2013. It has a floor area of 11000 m2 and consists of eleven separate recirculating aquaculture systems, with three hatcheries and eight grow-out departments. Environmental concern has influenced the design, development and operation of the new facility, which is based on 98 % recycling and reuse of water. The facility is escape proof, sludge from the plant is collected and used to produce biogas, and the discharge from the plant is monitored closely.

In addition, a boat trip to the nearby Lerøy Midt’s sea cage location equipped with a brand new barge will enable the visitors to get insight into the latest trends in sea cage farming of Atlantic salmon.

A bus transport has been arranged for the field trip. The bus will leave Sunndalsøra on the morning of October 27. After the field trip the bus will take you to Trondheim Airport, Værnes. We expect to be at the airport at 18:00.

The number of participants is limited to 90.

We hope you will join us. Welcome.

Smolt production in the future

Sixth Conference on Recirculating aquaculture at Sunndalsøra 21st – 22nd October 2020.